Welcome to Jenny’s Gym

Bringing Excellence to Camden

"Choose Life" is a phrase you often hear at Jenny's Gym, because we know in order to slow down the aging process, we must proactively move in the opposite direction: LIFE. We believe in the power of nutrition and exercise to maintain youthfulness, or to restore health to a body that has been neglected. A by-product of failing to prioritize health now is a long term prescription to dwindling strength, mobility, and balance, as well as other aspects of fitness that we take for granted in our youth. We don't believe in any secret drinks or fads or pills or wraps to get the results that much of society desires, but for which they aren't willing to work. Our secret is hard work, setting us apart, propelling us ahead of others. Come visit us some evening when the action is happening and see what it is that draws the community of Camden in and settles them into a part of our gym family.